I wanted to send you an email following our experience at Dartmouth this weekend. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know both as a mother and a coach, that I was extremely impressed with how the day was run and I thought the field experience was handled very well. I wanted to also comment on the talk and discussion given on behalf of the Athletic Department concerning an athlete, and in particular a soccer player's experience at Dartmouth. The discussion was so well done, that I walked away wondering why a student-athlete soccer player would go anywhere else, which I am certain was the intent. We also spent some time with my nephew who is a junior and a varsity athlete at Dartmouth, which rounded out a terrific visit. I thought it important to get feedback.


“I just got back from your residential camp session I. I just wanted to thank you for a fun time and I felt like I learned some good approaches for improving my game. The highlight for me was being the only freshman to play in the first all-star game on Monday and netting a goal - that was awesome! The locker room was really cool and that's the nicest grass pitch I've ever played on. The movie highlights of your team were cool to see and get a feel for what it's like to play at Dartmouth. In my family academics come first but it seems like Dartmouth has great soccer too. I liked the camp a lot and will plan on being back next year so look forward to seeing you then.”


“I attended your residential session II camp last week. I had a great time at the camp and loved the Dartmouth campus. I really enjoyed having a chance to play in the all-star games and thought it was a once-in-a lifetime chance to play against some of the Dartmouth players. I'm just emailing to thank you for providing me with the chance to experience it. It would also be great if you could come out to some of the showcases that I will be playing next year. Once again thank you very much.”


“Camp was great last weekend! I especially enjoyed getting to know you, your staff and the players. I was very impressed with the entire camp but particularly your presentation. In fact, in many respects, this camp provided more useful information than any other ID Camp I have attended. The use of video technology in your program is a unique aspect which I found particularly interesting. The interaction with you and your program helped me understand what it might be like to be a part of the Men's Soccer Program at Dartmouth. This would be an incredible honor for me.